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M-Girls 2017 贺岁专辑《过年要红红》Reddish Chinese New Year (Official Trailer)

Usher into the year of Fire Rooster with M-Girls 过年要红红 2017 Reddish Chinese New Year. Featuring Queenzy Cheng (莊群施), Angeline Khoo (阿妮) dan Cass Chin (燕子), this year’s album was inspired by the predominant colour of Chinese New Year celebration – Red. This red theme symbolises joy, good health, happiness, prosperity and abundance of fortune.

M-Girls 2017 贺岁专辑《过年要红红》预告终于出炉啦!今年依然有 M-Girls 陪伴大家一起过!新!年!敬请期待这张专辑的面市以及即将来临的宣传活动!期待见到你们!希望大家以行动来支持M-Girls!支持正版!爱你们哟!

Album Tahun Baru Cina 2017 tahun in menampilkan Queenzy Cheng (莊群施), Angeline Khoo (阿妮) dan Cass Chin (燕子). Album tahun ini yang bertemakan warna merah sering dikaitkan dengan kegembiraan, kesihatan yang baik, kebahagiaan, kemakmuran dan kekayaan yang berlimpah-limpah.

M-Girls 2017 Reddish Chinese New Year
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